ABF Website Design

About the project.

Angel Babie Furs (ABF) is a small retail business just entering the market. Their main retail items are furs and leathers but later on expanded to other clothing items and home decor. They were looking to grow their online presence and have an online store as well as branding. Alongside these goals, ABF also wanted to capture data analytics from the users who would use the online store.


Client - Angel Babie Furs

Designer - Montana Mellett

Design challenges.

Working remotely and ensuring a regular communication schedule that fit the clients busy schedule proved difficult therefore design approvals and deadlines got pushed back. Initially it was difficult to find the proper customer segment based on the client’s market orientation and branding goals. Also solidifying the brand and ensuring the use of materials was in alignment with what the client had envisioned. Finally, content for the website was delayed on many occasions and in the end never delivered.

Design solutions.

I kept a log of all the work done and a task list of what needed to be completed in each stage of the project and shared this in a Gantt chart with the client. To address the target audience, I had a couple of meetings with the client to discuss business goals and what the market was like in their locale. I then made a customer profile based on their feedback and research that I gathered from other competitors in that sector. From there I made moodboards, sketches for the logo, a sitemap and wireframes for the website. Since the client never delivered the content for the website I set them up with accounts in Shopify for e-commerce and google analytics to collect data. I then made the website with stock photos and placeholder content and provided a detailed hand-off package for them to employ when they were at that stage of their business.

Ask more questions upfront before starting the project to ensure the client is at the stage in their business to have a full-fledged online store, aka do they actually have all the content or are they just saying they do. If the latter is the case, then work with them to develop their business ideas further and advocating strongly for solid content to be ready before the launch dates.