CarletonU Marketing Design

About the project.

Carleton Graduate Student Association was running an electoral campaign and needed a graphic designer to make promotional materials for web and print with quick turnover. Promotional materials consisted of five 11x17 posters, 4x6 postcards, online graphics for each candidate for twitter, facebook and instagram, as well as graphics for social media posts on all the platforms.

Design challenges.

The turnaround time was 4 days. The client feedback was minimal and hard to get because of busy schedules and misalignment.


Client - Carleton Graduate Student Association

Designer - Montana Mellett

Design solutions.

I made sure there was a direct line of communication with at least one candidate from the client’s team. Since they knew what they wanted with regards to their branding, I was able to iterate quickly and purpose feedback to re-align our expectations of each other. 


I learned that I need to trust my design abilities and communication style in order to confidently keep true the decisions that inform my design choices.